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“It takes a village…”

Hope Active strongly believes in a village approach.  Without question, it takes an entire community (village) working together to create a carefully crafted pipeline for success.  Therefore, building strategic partnerships and forging critical alliances are cornerstone components of the Hope Active program model.  Working side-by-side with our partners,

Hope Active executes a blanket approach by offering programs and services tailored to at-risk multiple demographics. 


To ensure that children, families, individuals, and communities have access to the necessary programs to grow and thrive, Hope Active deploys a comprehensive model that covers the following community sectors:  At Risk Youth & Community Outreach  Though each sector is comprised of specific individuals and specific age groups, some level of crossover is inevitable.  


Hope Active attempts to maximize impact by deploying programs that reach the masses, often in one setting instead of multiple satellite events.  Our Annual Back-to-School Community and Wellness event is a great example. Both school-age children and accompanying adults benefit from the plethora of services provided during the event.

Here are a few of the services we offer:

For questions regarding any services please click link provided or (if no link) send us an email at

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