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Hope Center

Since 2017 we've been able to serve over 3,000 families in our immediate area with resources via our initiatives. Pretty impressive? While I am proud of the work we done, I am disappointed that the number helped represents just a fraction of the at-risk students in our local community that are in need. However,  I am excited that we have the answer! I want to introduce to Hope Center, which will be the only building of it's kind servicing northern Galveston county and southern Harris county. It will be a safe place where the community can come and get access to the resources they need and under one roof. It will support our at-risk youth w/ educational services, mentorship & support all of our community outreach.

This building will also be used to support a healthy lifestyle by providing top quality athletic spaces, programs and community engagement.

We are currently in a 3 phase capital project to raise the funds for this building.


  • Phase 1 (underway)- $200,000 (pre construction costs) 

  • Phase 2 (TBD) $1,500,000 ( construction & ground breaking)

  • Phase 3 (TBD) $2,000,000 (final construction, hiring plan, program funding)

For endowments, grants, sponsorships or business inquiries please email us at 

Hope Center Photo Gallery

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