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Our objective is to ensure “at-risk” students have a stepwise ladder that removes solvable barriers and promotes students access to vital relationships that improve home life, education and employment standards.  Hope Active believes by creating a safe, positive, and inclusive environment ensuring ALL students have what it takes to reach their full potential.


Hope Active uses the following criteria to identify At-Risk students. In order to qualify, students must meet one of the guidelines listed:

  • Students who are homeless or reside in a family living beneath the poverty level threshold.

  • Students who did not perform satisfactorily academically OR on assessment tests in current school year OR did not advance to the next grade for one or more years.

  • Students who are pregnant or a parent.

  • Students who have been placed in alternative education, expelled, reported as a drop out, previously/currently incarcerated or have a parent who is incarcerated.

  • Students of limited English proficiency OR students with special needs.


Hope Active’s at-risk Mentorship Program has been implemented on campus in our local school district w/ requests to expand to more schools. We currently meet with students twice a month and cover topics such as: resilience, decision making, goal setting, effective communication, and post graduation plans & alternatives.


Hope Active’s mentorship program is under the leadership of Raymond Steward (founder, Hope Active) & Shonbay Jones (Mentorship Program Director). They are Certified mental health first responder coaches under (AACC).


The six steps for becoming a mentor:

  1. Put in application  HERE

  2. Attend virtual information session on program

  3. Complete Screening

    • One on One Interview

    • Background Check

    • Reference Check

  4. Attend Training (initial & ongoing)

  5. Shadow on campus *schedule sent to mentors in advance based off their availability*

  6. Official Hope Active Mentor *schedule & assignment provided based off interest, ability and availability*

For more information on how to get involved or questions about your application you can contact Kelli.  

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