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Meet The Team


Raymond Steward II (Founder & Exec Director)


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Michelle Owens (Director- Community Programs)



Shonbay Jones (Director- Mentorship Program)


“It takes a village…”

Hope Active strongly believes in a village approach.  Without question, it takes an entire community (village) working together to create a carefully crafted pipeline for success.  Therefore, building strategic partnerships and forging critical alliances are cornerstone components of the Hope Active program model.  Working side-by-side with our partners, Hope Active executes community programs and services and on campus & juvenile system mentorship program tailored to at-is risk youth grades 6-12.


At Risk Criteria:

Hope Active uses the following criteria to identify At-Risk students. In order to qualify, students must meet one of the guidelines listed:

  • Students who are homeless or reside in a family living beneath the poverty level threshold.

  • Students who did not perform satisfactorily academically OR on assessment tests in current school year OR did not advance to the next grade for one or more years.

  • Students who are pregnant or a parent.

  • Students who have been placed in alternative education, expelled, reported as a drop out, previously/currently incarcerated or have a parent who is incarcerated

  • Students of limited English proficiency OR students with special needs


Hope Active is the brainchild of Raymond Steward, II, a native Houstonian with over 20 years of community service, leadership, and teambuilding experience.  Driven by a need to help others overcome many of the struggles he faced and has overcome, Raymond was determined to bring Hope Active to life.  As a result, of his passion, Hope Active was officially launched in 2017.  Since that time, the organization has been committed to providing relevant programs that reach and impact the most underserved subsectors of the community.  

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